Sunday, July 13, 2014

Titus Can Smile


a crafty organization project!

start out by choosing a few boxes or shoe boxes and put them together in the arrangement you would like

next, pick some scrapbooking paper to cut and place in boxes

hot glue the paper into the boxes 

just to make sure that it doesn't look bland, hot glue white paper around the outer side of the boxes
I would lay down newspaper to make sure that no glue gets on the floor (that would NOT be good!!!)
grab a couple clips for the next step
 you are going to glue the sides of the box that are touching each other together
and let them FULLY dry
find the box/boxes that are highest up.  place two nails into it, so that it will even itself out.  push them into the wall and viola!
 here is the finished project
 now to clean up:(

 hope you have fun!! :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

back to school craft

I made up a back to school craft for the littles to do for their teacher's(even though two of them have our mother as their teacher :)
Hot glue guns + Me =STAY AWAY!!:)

LL putting on Crayons for frame.

The finished product.
LL and J's ("keep calm and teach on")

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

friendship mug

Annika and I made friendship mugs yesterday
always together, never apart, maybe in distance, but never at heart


any time now!

life is never dull with two nut heads!!

How many hair bows can we fit on our our head?

Me and Annika did blind make overs :)

ready for operation!


Hey guys look at the clown!

craft with M.E.

 A couple of days ago me and my cousin Mary Erin decided to craft and bake while Caleb was packing for a trip. Here is what we made.
cake balls

 a scene of dandy lion